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The Correlation of “PHONE” Handphone, Smartphones, Cellphones to Their Impact on Humans

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SUARA UTAMA – It is undeniable that experts in various fields of science have tried to create and develop various things that can bring good luck in human life. Along with the rapid development and growth of education, in various countries, both in developing countries and in developed countries, both of them are competing to produce great people who are able to experiment with releasing their inventions specifically in the field of science and technology.

In this era of modernization, many electronic devices are now increasingly sophisticated and of high quality. Therefore, it is not surprising that currently electronic devices are a major need among the wider community. Electronic devices such as telephones and computers are tools that are prioritized by many people besides other electronic devices. Because with the touch of a hand without spending extra energy it can produce various products and preparations with satisfying results.

TELEPHONE is one of the tools created for humans in this universe to communicate with each other through voice calls even at long distances. After several periods of development, this tool is no longer only used as a communication tool via voice calls but can be done face to face even though they are far apart, such as via Video Call (VC), sending SMS. Now the telephone is very sophisticated, the telephone is not only used as a means of communication, but now it can access information from various parts of the world so that it is not left behind to follow and find out about developments of world with the help of the telephone.

The main focus in this discussion is how to process an electronic device that is most memorable in human life, namely the TELEPHONE from the hand so that it can trap people in prison. HandPhones, SmartPhones, CellPhones.

Let’s check out the following discussion:


First I studied the word “handphone” hand means “Tangan” and Phone means “telepon” when put together the Indonesian language is “Telepon Tangan”. So, this electronic device was first dubbed the “handphone”. This tool must be owned (held) by millions of people around the world from an early age to adulthood.

Because people in this modern era believe that this tool has benefits such as:

1. People who are far away become closer through voice, video, and messaging communications.
2. Knowing a lot of information that is not yet known before.
3. Do business easily
4. Journalist can report a news without prepare a note book.
5. Capture the moment by taking photos then update in social apps.

Only with a mirror-shaped object that is held in the hand in an instant will guide and invite users to interact properly. Thus, various reasons arise and force everyone to have it, including for social, educational and business needs. Because this tool makes everything concise and easy to access various things from the palm of the hand.


Then, after this tool holds power over humans, starting from the power of thinking, working and of course this tool is very clever to satisfy its users. Previously, let’s examine the word “Smartphone” so smart means “Pintar” and Phone means “Telepon” so when put together they will be called “Telepon Pintar”. Well, we already know this device is nicknamed “smartphone”. This smart phone will be very smart to emit positive and negative things. Let’s discuss what are the positive and negative things.

1. Positive

– Facilitate people for Communication

In a positive sense, this electronic device is called the Smart Phone because it makes it easier for users to communicate with anyone without bothering to come to visit them when they are busy or in a hurry.

– Make it easy for people to do business

Of course, the existence of smartphones in terms of doing business has made it easier for traders and buyers without having to move their feet to be able to sell and buy what they want.

– Make it easy for people to find information

With the help of Smartphones, everyone will be able to access information from all over the world without spending a lot of money, time and peace of mind.

2. Negative

-Smart to teach Copy and Paste (educational)

In the world of education from elementary to tertiary institutions, when teachers/lecturers give assignments to students and students, of course they will look for answers on the internet. With the intelligence that this one tool has, it will help users find what they are looking for easily and then without bothering to think, just copy the answer. Finished.

– Cheating on each other (common)

Common things that I often encounter in everyday human life when people communicate and invest in “smartphones” are cheats, for example:

1. Someone asks about the condition of their friend, some often answer that they are fine even though they have a stomachache and go back and forth to the toilet or answer that they are sick even though they are still healthy. Then, when someone asks you what are you eating? Some people still answer that I am eating chicken rice even though they are eating dry rice.

2. Many online businesses often sell merchandise unfairly. For example, they say I have sent the goods complete and according to the order, but there are still wrong items sent, the goods are not complete, the items ordered are not the same as those in the photo, other orders have arrived at other customers too.

– Make love when it’s not worth it (teenager)

Especially for teenagers in this era, with the presence of Smartphones, and as the number of enthusiasts who use them increases. Teenagers under the age of 17 already know how they make love to their partner/opposite sex, who knows what this smartphone provides. Then, with this smartphone device, I often see several teenagers using social applications that make it easier for them to invite each other to date (dating), even though they are not yet old, and then an intimate relationship occurs. Everyone knows that only married adults can have intercourse. The application in question is the most popular today, namely TikTok, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

– Not focused on studying (Students)

In accordance with my experience when practicing teaching in a school at the senior secondary level, the fact is that I still encounter problems in teaching and learning activities at school. The problems I encounter with students at school include:

1. Chatting or exchanging messages with friends or girlfriends while the teacher is explaining the material.

2. Then there are female students who wear earphones in their ears, while Muslim women wear earphones under their headscarves listening to music, ignoring the lessons and explanations of the teacher in front of the class.

3. There are those who play games when the teacher is explaining. The student hands will be put in a desk drawer or under it, then pretend to pay attention to the teacher if the student is not noticed by the teacher he/she will continue to play games.


Now the end of this tool’s mission is “imprison everyone who uses it”. This tool will make and/or accustom its users to wasting a lot of valuable time using and playing this tool so that life will depend on this tool because “the brain and logic are already in the cell in bahasa is (Penjara).

The adage is “a day without Handphone, Smartphone, CellPhone is like a body without a soul”.

“Cellphone” which means prison phone when you are in prison means there is no activity other than sitting, silent, contemplating. After everyone is imprisoned, everything will become empty, there will be no activities that should be carried out by humans as a result of this tool.

Starting from a grip to its sophistication, it makes everyone amazed to be addicted because it is called a Smartphone. So, the cause and effect of the intelligence of this tool will lock one’s thinking power. All are hypnotized and locked in a narrow room or can be called a prison.

Positive and negative things will combine one by one until millions of people will be lulled by their sophistication and intelligence. Even worse, in all activities this tool will be number one and prioritized in human life. Under any circumstances and situations such as eating-drinking, sleeping-wake, working-relaxing, at church, in the toilet, at the office, at home, on the street and in other activities the telephone will be prioritized, maybe even when you enter the grave, you will definitely still use the PHONE.

Therefore, the advice is to use this tool (telephone) when it is really needed and even if there is no other choice, do what your hands can do and use your mind while it is still functioning.

*The author is an active journalist in the SUARAUTAMA.ID media with the position as Head of the Regional Bureau of Nabire Regency, Central Papua Province, Mee Tribe*

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